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Some of our History...

Komatipoort golf course is unique in every way.  A group of dedicated farmers together as a community proceeded with clearing the site in 1997.   Course designer Douw van der Merwe added his expertise to the layout and slowly this beautiful course,  set at the confluence of the Komati and Crocodile Rivers, took shape. It was literally a case of your bulldozer today, my tractor tomorrow; anyone got cement, sand or perhaps you can lend a hand on the weekend.  You can understand how and why this course is such a success. With great community effort, pride,  and a love for the game of golf, Komatipoort golf course came to being.  This,  however, didn’t happen overnight. The grass was planted in 2001 and shortly thereafter the course opened for play.


A Community


The Komatipoort community is unique in all aspects. The foundation of this unique community lay in the fact that they are far from everything that lays west of them. For anything you want to do, you have to drive. Most recreation and sport events lay in the west.

Following the political changes in 1994 the Mozambique border opened to the East and the Komatipoort community could again enjoy the beautiful beaches and fishing in Mozambique once. Due to the many drives to participate in Sport in Malelane the golfing community of 34 members decided during a Founder’s meeting on the 17th February 1997 to build their own golf course.

This was an extraordinary brave decision. They had to obtain the ground and funds had to be raised to build the golf course. Not an easy task and the gossip among many profits of doom at the bolts and nuts division of the local Co-operative was that the idea was dead before born!

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